Parish Priest

Fr. Marcos Shawky Farag

Fr. Marcos Farag



Fr. Marcos Farag was ordained on the altar of St. Mark, Winnipeg, on
November 28th 2003 and he arrived in Winnipeg on January 3, 2004.
Since his ordination, Abouna has established a number of programs in the Church.


Father Kyrillos Younan 


Fr. Kyrillos Younan

Father Kyrillos Younan was ordained on May 14 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden.
The Bishop attending the ordination was Anba Kyrillos Bishop of Milano and the Pope’s
representative in Europe. Moved to Winnipeg  October, 14, 2013. Since his arrival, Abouna Kyrillos assumed a number of duties as Co-Priest at St. Mark's.









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